Massage Flow


Depending on your physical condition and specific needs, modalities are combined to address discomfort from daily overuse created by job specific tension or regular workouts. Bodywork addresses injury/illness prevention and recovery, emotional holding restrictions, and movement re-patterning. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of massage as a method of complementary healing click here (link to about:why receive massage). Modalities combined to address your personal needs during a session may include:

Deep Tissue Release: Deep, slow strokes and holds access deeper layers of muscle, help to open fascia, release adhesion and lengthen tendenous connections.
European Swedish Massage: An age old trusted method that combines both long and short strokes, both invigorating and relaxing restricted areas.
Trigger Point Therapy: Often used by Chiropractors, this focused point work goes deep into the inactive parts of muscle fiber to reactivate unresponsive areas, stimulating toxin release, increasing blood flow and thereby returning range of motion. 
Russian Sports Massage: A vigorous, active approach to pre-event warm up, cool down, and recuperation.
Zero Balancing: A series of holds, traction, and movement releases that focus on tissue held vibration at the level of bone structure.
Acupressure: Click the link to learn more. (link to acupressure page)
Craniosacral Therapy: click the link to learn more.
Facilitated Stretching: PNF works by stretching a muscle, activating it, contracting it isometrically against resistance, and then stretching it again to improve range of motion and retrain the neuromuscular pattern.
Lymphatic Drainage: A very light touch therapy facilitating the movement of lymph toward drainage sites for increased recovery from illness and injury.
Prenatal Massage: For the mother to be, work is done side-lying with pillows, and helps relieve stress from tight hips, shoulders, and achy feet.
Aroma Therapy: Inhalation and topical application of organic free-trade oils to improve stress reduction and enhance well-being.


Use your inner compass as your guide.