CranioSacral Flow

This is a relaxing, powerfully transformative method for releasing restrictions throughout the head, neck, spine, lower back and sacrum. Using light touch and tissue unwinding techniques bones, nerves, tissues, and fluids are evaluated then adjusted to create better mobility and over all well being. It is beneficial for average headaches, migraines, TMJ, chronic neck stiffness, recovery from surgery, lower back pain, nerve damage, or simply reducing stress and dropping into a healing dream state.

The craniosacral system includes the bones and membranes of the cranium, the meninges, the dural tube, spine, cerebrospinal fluid, and sacrum. The work attends to an electrostatic model of the flow of spinal fluid across membranes and nerves, finding adhesions that impair movement, then gently sheparding them toward opening, resulting in freer, enlivened tissues.

Created by Oseteopathic Doctor Andrew Still, advanced later by Dr. William Sutherland around the turn of the century, this work provides an unusually subtle approach to aligning and unifying deep structural mobility. It is not uncommon for a flow to bring forward memories, emotions, and images as it catalyzes release and restores a healthy base for re-patterning.


Use your inner compass as your guide.