MettaWing Attunement

This singular method is an approach combining influences from all the modalities I’ve practiced over time.  It’s best thought of as shamanic work: the approach is to the whole person tracking pathways of energy, emotion, narrative, embodiment, rhythm, and imagination. As various aspects of your energetic and embodied systems come into alignment, heaviness, toxicity, and imbalance are released, and healthy re-patterning is allowed to take root. This process is unique to each person each time, taking shape based on the immediate specific qualities presenting themselves each session.


A MettaWing Attunement is a rich process that grounds one in the present, while awakening the inner capacity for self compassion and healing. It addresses the three planes of psyche (soul), soma (body), and spirit (breath). The results can include improved physical health, enhanced well-being, betterment of relationships, and deepening happiness.


The work is experienced lying on the massage table, fully clothed in comfortable attire, in a mood of relaxation and receptivity. It can be helpful to come with an initial idea of what you’d like to address, though it is not required.


A few conditions that respond well:

Chronic Illnesses



Traumatic Memory

Post-Operation Recovery

Chronic Anxiety

Eating Disorders

Recovery from Medication


Troubled Relationships

Unresolved Grief


 What are methods are being used?

Kinesiology muscle testing is used to orient all the work to your individual challenges. This is a simple arm resistance method used throughout the work to gage true versus false. Accurate testing requires readable channels, therefore it is requested that you come to your session hydrated, as well as being alcohol and intoxicant free.


Chakra attunement provides a basic map, especially in early sessions, to begin asking your body questions related to particular issues being expressed. Sometimes these are conscious issues, sometimes they are unconscious and just making their way to the surface. Once energetic patterns and fragments are identified, release and re-patterning can begin.


Auric field clearing examines the various levels of magnetic field surrounding you. There are multiple layers whose size and vibrancy vary with each individual. Sweeping, visualization, and removing of unwanted attachments help tune up the energy others sense when they encounter you.


Intuitive physical scanning assisted by kinesiology testing for confirmation, this is a meditative, intuitive scan of the physical body. We will encounter and begin to re-pattern structural and energetic blocks, fragments, hooks, and energetic contracts.


Ancestral Healing occurs frequently during the process. When we show up to do difficult personal work, often guides and ancestors bless us with presence and encouragement. This process can be facilitated intentionally, or left to surface organically, the experience is occasionally activated by doing meditative visualization to clear epigenetically held trauma, illness, and misfortune.


Belief System Revisions will often present themselves as healing salve to the thought patterns caught up in dis-ease. These are opportunities to put our life narratives under a magnifying glass and make adjustments guided by our compassionate inner knowing, our highest Self.


Emotional release and forgiveness take place during this process. Difficult to access feelings often surface, by linking mind and body. As they are expressed and released, a greater sense of resolve illuminates the healing process.


Imagery and archetype inform the attunement as we make way for the body’s unique expression of its learning path. Sometimes guided visualizations are employed, other times identifying arising archetypes and images will open the path way to understanding how our story informs our body and vice-versa.


Sound healing is occasionally incorporated to facilitate rapid transformation of heavy content.


This is complementary healing. It is entirely based on what is present as it unfolds from your system in the immediate. As a facilitator I mirror, identify, translate, and transform content together with you as you learn to attune to your awakening Self.  There is no divining, no guaranteed mediumship, and no diagnosis. Though powerful, it is not a replacement for traditional medical diagnostics and treatment, which I encourage.


* MettaWing Attunements can be done both in person and remotely over Skype, Facetime, or telephone.


Use your inner compass as your guide.