Acupressure Flow

Acupressure Flow

 A full session of acupressure can address multiple problems and provide a subtle, deeply relaxing, re-energizing experience. It’s a wonderful alternative to body massage, and in this way excellent for people challenged by full body touch due to nerve conditions, fibromyalgia, PTSD, and the like. It can be used to address nearly any condition, from infertility to migraines, from chronic illness to a common cold. On its own however, acupressure as a modality of healing works quite differently than massage.


Acupressure is the touch based equivalent of acupuncture. Instead of using needles, most frequently the fingers, or occasionally wooden dowels, are used to stimulate shifts and rebalance bodily energy toward healing.


Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies twelve meridians, or energy pathways, through the body. Each is uniquely associated with an organ and its qualities and temperaments in relationship to other aspects of the whole self. The meridians are accompanied by two central circuits of energy sometimes called vessels, together they make up fourteen conduits related to bodily energy systems. TCM also identifies five elements that inform the building blocks of holistic life and wellness, in conjunction with the meridians. By working with their relationship, a comprehensive, ancient system for wellness is formed to address imbalances, illnesses, and injuries. Photo istock 164140123

Points along these pathways are assessed and treated in a flowing series of touch holds, varying in pressure. In this way, using conscious direction of energy, the points either recalibrate or release imbalance in each meridian.  I have been incorporating points and flows from this method, as well as Shiatsu, the Japanese version, since first beginning as a practitioner. It has often provided the key to unlocking a more subtle and profound level of holistic correction.

I will make a simple assessment based on the conditions you present, along side basic observations made by looking and listening. From here, I select from a group of general flows which will best awaken your body’s innate recuperation capacities and facilitate your healing process. I am not a certified TCM practitioner, so I refrain from diagnosis.



Use your inner compass as your guide.