“My first session with Andrea was indeed unexpected. I was prepared to receive a deep
therapeutic massage like I was accustomed to. She was excellent with the bodywork.
Then, at my request, she shifted into energy work. I previously did not care much for
energy work simply because I rarely felt any affect or effect…. until Andrea. From then
on, each appointment made was for Dimensional Healing (now MettaWing). I’ve had
some incredible releases and shifts with each session, both in Guam and distance via
FaceTime or phone. Andrea’s natural ability to tap in, assess, and work- physically,
emotionally, spiritually- has guided and assisted me through major transitions in life. For
this and so much more, I am grateful for Andrea and her healing work.”
~ Clare Calvo: Owner, Synergy Studios & Synergy Wellness, Hagatna, Guam (2008 to

I’ve known Andrea Robison for over ten years, since I became one of her clients, doing
complementary medicine, via energy work. I’ve grown to count her among my closest,
and most respected, friends: I think she’s a skilled, highly intuitive practitioner. Through
her remarkable intuition and skillful use of the diverse healing methods used in
MettaWing healing, she’s helped me to see many of the blind spots in my psyche – most,
decades old – and, has always done so subtly, gently and only suggestively, when

After I had my kidney transplant (2002) I felt differently, it was not just what I was
eating, but I was aware of subtle but very noticeable changes in the way I perceived the
world. It felt to me that I had gotten something from the donor that was of her, I had
heard from doctors that we could have been kindred spirits. It was some kind of newness
I was experiencing, like maybe I’d been wearing dirty glasses and now they were clean.
It was subtle and remarkable. Then I read more about transplantation, and learned that in
some stories people changed so I was wondering if there was a link of that kind for me.
In finding Andrea I wanted to explore why I had ended up with that person’s kidney?
Plus I had come to understand that one of the leading causes for organ rejection is the
drugs themselves, so I thought because of the way I viewed the world, philosophically, I
thought that I at least co-created my reality, I believed that everything is energetic and
vibratory- wanted to do an experiment to see if we could change the energetic signature
of body and kidney to work together as allies. I was taking about thirty-five pills a day
which in themselves made me feel sick. Within about four months of muscle testing and
energy work, our work together helped eliminate dependency on these drugs. As a result I
have been part of a continuing study at the University of Atlanta for the last ten years for
people who survive transplantation without using immunosuppressives. There were so
many elements to this process that Andrea’s intuitive knowledge brought into focus. If
it’s a complex health issue, or even some emotional problems like anger and grief, she
can find the energetic patterns and help you create incredible healing.”
~ Danny Hartman: former carpenter, massage therapist, soul survivor, and conscious co-
creator (2004 to present)

“I was very fortunate to know Andrea and to experience MettaWing several times.  She
maintained a professional yet warm demeanor and I instantly felt relaxed and safe.
During the session, it seemed like I was transported to another dimension of open
awareness. With compassion and using her intuitive abilities, Andrea was able to tap into
and shift stuck energies from experiences that I had not even allowed myself to think
about for years and release the effects of the stuck energies and trauma.   This allowed the
physical and emotional release that was needed for me to move forward in my life in a
more clear and productive manner.  I’m so grateful for the time that I had with her and I
highly recommend Andrea and any line of healing work that she offers.”
~Angela Bascou: L.M.T (2008-2012)

“I started having regular massages after a car accident. While a minor accident I found
regular massage incredibly beneficial. After moving out to Utah I was referred to Andrea
for her excellent work. Since the car accident I have also become very active – not in
sports but in exercise and fun activities. Like climbing the ski hill at the Utah
Olympic Park but mostly CrossFit. Seeing Andrea at least once a month helps my
muscles recover quicker and provides a lot of relief. I can be very sore even but a
massage won’t make it worse with Andrea’s work. Many times I find myself in a very
relaxed state even if quite sore. Andrea always asks how I’m feeling and what maybe
needs more of her attention. I highly recommend massage therapy from Andrea, she is
the very best I have experienced and always look forward to the suffering my muscles go
through to get to the other side.”
~ Meta: CrossFitter for life (2014 to present)

“I’ve had chronic neck problems for years, but since I’ve been working with Andrea in
the last few years my neck has been better than in the ten years before. I’ve had tough
work injuries in recent years that have complicated it, too. Working with her hands the
way she does is like an art. I’ve never encountered it before in a massage therapist. Her
work is better than any of the drugs I could take for the pain.”
~Luke Gilmore: Owner, Gilmore Ranch (2013 to present)

“ For over twenty moons Andrea’s healing work made it possible for us to become aware
of and to change many self limiting and self defeating subconscious beliefs, karmic
“contracts” and genetic programs, which had been causing energetic blockages and
imbalances in our hearts, minds, and bodies as well as seemingly insurmountable
challenges in our lives. Consequently we’ve become more and more free and able to
explore and understand many aspects of ourselves which had previously been hidden
and/or off limits to self-examination. This in turn enabled us to confront and eventually
let go of many of our known and subconscious fears, doubts, frustrations, and anger. It
then became possible for us to change many of our dysfunctional and self-destructive
thought and behavior patterns.

As a result, our ways of being in and dealing with the world have become more and more
aligned with our highest truth and vision of who we are. Last, not least, Andrea’s
energetic balancing work during our sessions is always a marvelous tune up which many
a time has helped us to shift from states of physical and mental exhaustion, confusion,
anxiety, or depression to being grounded, centered, and energized by the end of the
session or soon thereafter. Also, the speed and accuracy with which she tunes into
whatever is currently brewing under the surface has helped a great deal to fully open up
and surrender to our process.
On this often foggy and frightening trail of personal transformation, what Andrea’s
healing work has done for us is the most effective roadside assistance we can imagine!”
~Hans and Karin: Germany, EU (2004-2007)

Use your inner compass as your guide.