Why receive regular somatic work?

Nurturing touch provided by massage and soft tissue manipulation can improve your life immediately. Here’s how:


  • Massage has been shown to reduce overall stress and improve performance in both physical and mental performance tests.
  • Massage has been shown to be more affective than back surgery for pain reduction from chronic or acute injury.
  • Massage has proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Regular bodywork reduces pain and inflammation as a result of an over all reduction in the stress hormone cortisol.
  • It reduces post-traumatic headaches from accidents better than cold and hot pack treatment.
  • Massage increases recovery time from muscle and tendon over use associated with exercise and daily repetitive activities.
  • Massage stimulates the brain to produce natural endorphins, combating anxiety and depression.
  • It reduces pain and muscle spasms in patients who have recently undergone surgeries.
  • It has been proven to increase the presence of white blood cells, specifically T-cells, thereby improving immunity.
  • Provides a physical foundation for healing emotional trauma associated with past abuse, emotional or physical.
  • Teaches the practice of becoming aware of personal stress holding patterns and retrains the body to modulate emotion more consciously.
  • Lengthens compressed tissue structures inviting greater range of motion, improved neuromuscular response, and freedom of movement.

For many who have come in for bodywork throughout the years, the experience of embodiment is described more as a series of obstacles and blocks than a playful, pleasurable, resilient expression of self. Massage and bodywork are not simply methods for ‘pampering’ ourselves. Massage and manual manipulations of the soft tissue represent one of the oldest forms of health care; they are preventative as well as aiding in chronic and acute resolutions of pain and illness.  This goes back as far as human record, in indigenous shamanic tradition, Chinese tradition, Egyptian tradition, as well as Greek.  Receiving regular body work awakens us to the realization that every part of cellular biology is connected to every other part, and that to work with the specific limitations is to work toward freeing the whole self.

Use your inner compass as your guide.