What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine refers to healing techniques utilizing the relationship between the physical matter of the body and the less readily tangible currents that enliven it.

Whether it’s the vital energy described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Qi (chee), in Japan as Ki, or in Indian Ayurvedic healing as Prana, this energy circulates throughout body flowing to channels, vortices, and stations: meridians, chakras, nadis, and points. This is the same force used in Reiki. It can also be considered to include layers of the auric field, the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the heart and other organs, and includes the cross over in relational energetic fields exchanged from one living being to another, or sentient being to object.

Though there are multiple methods and skill sets, some as old as time itself, used in finding imbalances and making adjustments that affect over all health- most importantly- working in this realm of directed intention and presence, including highly attuned touch, provides a routes for accessing subtle level experience and its persistent role in deepening our experience of ourselves. It helps us come to terms with an understanding that in illness we are not broken, but rather living in imbalance that demands nurturing attention as the response.

When employing energy medicine we work toward health by attuning to vibrations, frequencies, pulses, textures, colors, sound, light and more; essentially whatever presents itself while watching and listening in a multifaceted way. We make adjustments to harmonize energies and release blocks impeding the easy, free flow of energy that we associate with feelings of health and well-being. This often results in relief from painful symptoms, and awakens us to a well-spring of creative inner resources.

Use your inner compass as your guide.