Andrea's Practice

If you’ve found yourself reading this, let me extend a warm “hello, and thank you” for taking the time and attention to explore working with me. Welcome to MettaWing, the most recent iteration of the healing arts and wellness practice I have grown slowly and incrementally spanning more than twenty years. I have spent upward of 20,000 hours working with clients since my initial education as a massage therapist in 1995. This dedication has resulted in a confident and unique style derived from listening and responding in entrained presence with individuals from all walks of life, in every stage of development. I am so grateful to every one of these clients, each of whom taught me how to work in a state of reciprocity and attuned attention. My passion for facilitating healing change with others through touch, energy, and inquiry continues to grow as new learning informs and shifts my approach. In 2015 I began a Masters degree program in depth oriented counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I believe that intimate connection has the capacity to provide a safe container for release of dis-ease, while also establishing an environment of trust as new patterning takes root. Whether it is working with somatics in massage therapy applications, in psyche and spirit using energy medicine applications, or depth psychotherapeutic methods, I believe that healing is a function of facilitating clients to align better with the movement of forces within themselves.  I remain engaged with assisting others in clearing obstacles and finding the inner guidance required to heal, thereby living engaged with a happily integrated sense of Self.

I have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers whose workshops, courses, and journeys have been instrumental in creating a heart centered practice, and nuanced way of working compassionately within the community. I would like to acknowledge the life changing teachings of:  RJ Nicola, Tom Swindell, Amber Werre, Deva Kaur Khalsa, Yogi Bajan, Jorge Gonzalez Ramirez and Maria Christina Mendoza, Hugh Milne, and Lama Thupten (Jerry Gardner) without whose profound impact I would not be who I am today.  I am still learning a great deal from the many exceptional teachers and therapists on the staff at Pacifica, and look forward to an on going rapport with being a student of life, creativity, touch, and love.


Education Credentials:


1995    Utah College of Massage Therapy: Certificates in Kiniesology, Sports Massage,

Injury Recovery, Reflexology, Acupressure and Shiatsu

1998    Sat Nam Rasayan Healing

2002    Bachelors of English Literature, University of Utah

Bachelors of Film Studies, University of Utah

2004    Advanced Training CranioSacral Therapy, Milne Institute

2004    Certificate from Dimensions in Healing

2011    Taught Bodywork Courses for Spa Employees, Jiivana Spa, Guam

2015    Taught Dimensional Healing Basics workshop at Synergy Studios, Guam

2015    Began Master’s Degree in Depth oriented Counseling Psychology


For more than ten years, I was an avid practicioner of Kundalini Yoga, and later spent several years taking mediation and Buddhist history courses at Urgyen Sampten Ling located in Salt Lake City.

To learn a bit more, read this write up posted in the Jung Society of Utah newsletter 7/31/2017:

“Facilitator, healing arts practicioner, and budding psychotherapist, Andrea Robison has committed her life’s work to the intimate exchange that catalyzes healing through bodywork, energy medicine, and now psychodynamic therapy. Andrea has been in private practice since 1995, and has partnered with spas and wellness centers locally and internationally. Her passion for facilitating health has manifested in well over twenty thousand hours of one on one client connection assisting others to reach their wellness goals using complimentary healing methods uniquely focused to individual needs. Andrea’s private practice, MettaWing, is located in the central Sugar House area of Salt Lake City, Utah. She continues to offer MettaWing energy healing remotely via Skype for clients across the continental U.S., Europe, and the Pacific Islands. To work with her in psychodynamic counseling practice, contact Family Counseling Center where she practices as an intern specializing in Jungian oriented therapy for individuals, families, and children.

Andrea has a great passion for the arts. In addition to acquiring undergraduate degrees in film and literature, she has focused much of her personal time weaving together expressions of her passion for narrative and symbolic expression. She currently writes for the Jung Society of Utah blog, and previously acted as Assistant Editor for Otis Nebula, an online poetry syndicate. She is a published poet and was honored by University of Utah for her short film Mo’s Too Full Cup. Andrea believes in the primary importance of artistic expression as a supporting component interweaving personal and community health. She has expressed that it played a key role in her own recovery from illness, the recovery that initiated her into the healing arts as a pracitioner. She continues to incorporate creativity into her healing practice and is excited for the expansion currently taking shape as part of her Masters level psychotherapy education at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Additionally, Andrea feels that spending time in nature provides a holistic, compelling road back to understanding our interconnection to all beings on a soul level. She loves to backpack, hike, and scuba dive.”

The concept for MettaWing came to me in a moment of satori as a direct way to embody my intersectional passions and their transformative capacities. Healing, writing, and story telling through images, are each places where the self can discover the palette of its expressions, and communicate the worlds that link through the human psyche, soma, and spirit. As my practice begins to take on new forms in the coming years, I look forward to creating and sharing methods for transit and transformation to more holistic experiences of self and community.  I always welcome your ideas and feedback about sessions, courses, or blogs. To send me a personal message or schedule appointment, click the link below. Thanks for dropping in! May the great spirit of peaceful love guide your days and nights!


Use your inner compass as your guide.