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Welcome! I hope you enjoy learning about the concepts and methods behind this work. It has been an honor and a passion to explore over the course of my life.

Metta is a Buddhist term describing an ethos imperative to all healing – unconditional loving kindness. When we confront dis-ease healing can take a variety of expressions. Sometimes it requires acceptance of our limitations and mortality, other times it is asking us to evolve our relationship to Self and community, to reach deeper, to stand taller, to step anew into the music of our life. Regardless of physical curatives, it is always an initiation. It requires that we awaken greater loving kindness and compassion toward ourselves. This process often means we will change our relationship to community, understanding differently where it ends and we begin. In this way the secular use of the term meta and the expansive, far reaching connotation that comes with it, are truly applicable. Meta is to be self-reflexive, to cross over, or to be magnified the next level. This understanding greatly suits the purpose of embodying the initiation into a healing mythology in our personal lives.

Wing signifies the activity of movement; our call to travel across terrain, to progress arm in arm with our truth, as we embody it singularly in our specific expression of the human struggle. Wing is representative of the psycho-pomp who holds the caduceus – Hermes, guide of souls and soulful messages between worlds. It is by the guidance of such myths that we discover our own inner compass, learn to listen, and allow it to be our guide.

Andrea Robison, MA, AMFT, LMT

Associate Psychotherapist, Facilitator, Healing Arts Practitioner


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Use your inner compass as your guide.